Teacher's Diary: 'My students have become tech-savvy, they have mastered the craft of shooting videos'

Vipin Upadhyay’s YouTube channel is a space for cross-region learning and at the same time making his students camera-savvy.

Update: 2023-05-31 13:46 GMT

I am an assistant teacher at the Primary School Amkheda which is situated in Uttar Pradesh's Jalaun district. I often ask my students to assist me in recording videos for my YouTube channel. The channel itself is a digital space for the audio-visual documentation of my experiments in the classroom. While they assist me in the shooting of the videos, they also learn the basics of video recording which is a much needed skill in the contemporary world. 

I have told them that the mobile must be held horizontally, and it should not be titled. My students have turned into videographers who are often behind a mobile’s camera recording my lessons. Often, they are curious about how the videos are uploaded. Many of them also know as to how a YouTube channel is created and managed on a day to day basis.

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They keep tab on the comments posted by the viewers on the channel and inform me if something needs urgent attention. I have developed a rapport with my students because they see themselves as content creators and see me as their partner in the creation of digital content. The way social media has changed in the last 10 years, I believe that these kids will sooner or later get access to it. If the access is inevitable, I think it is necessary to get them acquainted to the creative aspect of the digital space. It might motivate them to be more sensitive to their environment and they might develop an eye for visual detail.

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