Teacher's Diary: Using mock fairs & fake notes to teach addition & subtraction

A teacher from a primary school in Uttar Pradesh's Aligarh district shares some uniquely interesting method to teach mathematics to her students.

Update: 2023-03-31 14:09 GMT

I have been teaching at a government school in Aligarh's Mahua Khera village since 2015. I have always been fascinated by the authority and the power of a teacher and the inspiration to pursue this profession is derived from my mother Geeta Varshney who was a teacher. 

In order to make my classroom teaching interesting, I often employ innovative techniques. I am tasked with teaching mathematics and it is one such subjects which can be taught by using a sense of imagination. Recently, I organised a mock fair in which stalls were set up and the sale of edibles like snacks and burgers was managed by the students. Also, some clay toys were also included in the mock shops.

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The remaining students were allocated with a budget in the form of mock currency notes. This buying and selling of food and toys was an exercise for the students to grasp the basic principle of addition and subtraction.

The fair was instantly popular amongst the children and the grown ups alike. Also, educationally, the fair achieved what even a dozen of classes couldn't. The students who were otherwise struggling to excel at mathematics learned their lessons without any rigorous practice or instruction.

Such is the power of innovation in education.

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