Teacher's Diary: When a teacher's vision saved a student from blindness

Inability of a student to take notes from the blackboard urged a teacher to look deeper into the issue. The teacher realised that her student was struggling with the her vision and timely medical measures ensured that at present she is not merely able to see clearly but also envisage her bright future.

Update: 2023-03-28 14:10 GMT

Shweta Sharma is a teacher at a government-run upper primary school in Uttar Pradesh's Aligarh district. She not only imparts formal education to her students but also trains them in stitching, crochet, fabric art and cooking to make the students take interest in the school.

While conducting one of her classes, Sharma chanced upon a student who was not following what was being taught. After a closer examination, the teacher realised that the student was not writing the notes which she had prepared for the class on a blackboard.

"Initially, I thought that the girl is not interested in studying or is being careless but after questioning her, I realised that she was diligent but something was bothering her continuously," Sharma told Gaon Connection. 

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Sakshi, the girl who was a student of class 6 was unable to see what was written on the blackboard. 

"Her vision was deteriorating and she was herself not aware of her issue. She was constantly overwhelmed by guilt about her faltering academic performance and it was disheartening to see her suffer like this. I immediately asked her parents to meet me," Sharma said.

"They were initially uninterested in the medical treatment of their daughter and argued that nobody would marry her if she had the spectacles on her eyes," the teacher said.

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The teacher motivated the parents to consult a doctor and get their daughter treated.

"Soon, they took her to a government hospital where the treatment was not only free of cost but also timely. It was quick too. Sakshi had to wear glasses for some months and she was cured for her ailment. Today, she is doing well and her academic performance has improved multifold," Sharma said.

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