Age no bar: This 71-year-old performs yoga on a BMX cycle at the top of a 600-ft high cliff

Without any support, Khivraj Gurjar balances himself on a bicycle at a 120-ft high uneven upland. The hilly tract is surrounded by a deep trench on its side. Nevertheless, he manages to perch over the cliff, and pose various asana while balancing on the front wheel of his bicycle

Moinuddin Chishty

Moinuddin Chishty   13 July 2019 6:29 AM GMT

The power gun hill at Mehrangarh in Jodhpur is centre of attraction across the world. KhivrajGurjar, 71, performs yoga on a BMX bicycle at the edge of a 600-ft high cliff. Gurjar is a well-known daredevil grand-dad.

He is locally known as Khivji. As far as his age is concerned, he has not sacrificed for his dreams. He was the coach of the Indian team in the World Body Building Championship as well as the national champion in Cycling.

He has performed 45 yoga asanas on a BMX bicycle at an unusual height. It was broadcast onDecember 26, 2006 in Shabaash India, a Zee TV programme. After this feat, his out-of-the-ordinary talent was splashed in headlines across all the channels. He performed a breathtaking event of balancing at a 120-ft high hill in Chopasni village.

He not only aims at reviving the art, but also tasting the success. He is the recipient of nine Limca Book of Records and many other international awards.

He talks about his action bike and his exclusiveness. "I practice balancing on a BMX action bike. It was made in Taiwan. I bought it for Rs 6,000 at Dubai. This bicycle has 140 spokes on its wheel," Khivraj told the Gaon Connection.

He was only trained for balancing on a bicycle, but he gradually started converting balancing into yoga. "Yoga is a self-made exercise, but I have discovered various yoga asana on a bicycle. I have merged my yoga and cycling talents to make these steps. I have discovered those yoga asanas which involves only the upper bodily movements. For which, I considered many foreign books," said Khivraj.

Khivraj practices 45 odd yoga poses on a bicycle

Khivraj talks about various stretching and yoga poses. "Everyone is engaged in keeping the country's art-work; even I wanted to contribute to it. Yoga is India's valuable wealth. I am trying to preserve it in my own innovative ways. The asana that I pose on my unique bicycle are- Start of BMX (mountain), sun salutation, toe touch hamstring stretch, eagle pose pratham, aeroplane pose, kangaroo pose, middle deltoid stretch, jump throw, frog leap and many others," said Khivraj.

Khivraj is also well known for his historic records in cycling

Khivraj is the winner of national championship in cycling. He had biked 1,000 kms from Jodhpur to Mumbai without a break. No matter how crucial the circumstances were, he didn't give up. In 2000, he took part in the National Championship Mountain Bike at Chandigarh. In 1972, he won a bronze medal in a 200-km race at Lucknow. Also, in 1973, he won a bronze medal in a 50-km road race at Jabalpur.

He has not only travelled across India, but also to 27 foreign countries, including Australia, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore and some African nations. He didn't give up on his cycling routine even while travelling abroad. Along with cycling, he also has set up a national gymnasium in Jodhpur, the oldest running for over 32 years in the city.

His courage is above the fear of loss of life

While elderly may be dependent on others, Khivraj has proved to be on his own. Reflexes and bravery are his chief assets. When people ask him about the risks involved, and why does he take the risk of his life? He smiles and said: "I will live for once, everybody does, the death will come for once, then why should I murder my country's art and my dreams?

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