Ayushman Bharat Scheme: Everyone talking about it but what is it?

Twelve things to know about Ayushman Bharat Scheme.

Ayushman Bharat Scheme: Everyone talking about it but what is it?

The next time your friends or everyone at the dinner table is talking about Ayushan Bharat, don't seem lost. It is a plan that could transform healthcare in India and has been launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Ayushman Bharat would provide health coverage to 80 million rural families and more than 23 million urban poor families. Here are 12 things to know about the Ayushman Bharat scheme:-

1) It is being described as the largest government health scheme in the world.

2) It would provide a health cover of Rs. 5 lakh to 100 million Indian families.

3) The beneficiaries of this scheme can avail of cashless treatment in private or government hospitals.

4) This scheme would cover 1350 common and critical diseases.

5) There would be no age limit to avail of the scheme.

6) Around 1.5 lakh health and wellness centers would be developed across India to enhance the reach of health services.

7) According to an estimate, around 40% of the Indian population would eventually benefit from this scheme.

8) A family has to pay an annual premium of Rs. 2000 to avail of this health scheme.

9) The expenditure ratio of 60-40 would be divided between the central and state governments respectively.

10) An insurance cover of Rs. 5 lakh is fixed per family.

11) State government hospitals and private and ESI hospitals would be a part of the scheme.

12) Ayushman Mitra would be appointed to help families to avail of the health scheme. They would help patients in hospital admissions and for getting the insurance coverage amount.

Eighty percent of India's citizens do not have any health insurance coverage. According to a study, the Government needs to allocate upto 4.5% of the GDP to the health sector to cover the entire population under a health insurance plan. The Government is currently spending only 1.4% on health care.

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