Learn Computers #Part 1 The heart of a computer: What is an Operating System?

A Gaon Connection series by trainer Tulika Srivastav that will help you learn computers online to enhance your knowledge and job prospects. In Part 1, presenting a brief history of Operating Systems and how the modern OS came into being

Learn Computers #Part 1   The heart of a computer: What is an Operating System?

Evolution of Windows Operating System

Windows operating systems have had a huge impact on world computing technology in last 25 years. It is almost impossible to imagine our life without windows base operating system but this success was not easy to achieve. It took long time for team Microsoft to achieve this fame and success. Windows operating system had evolved in phases starting with MSDOS to Windows10 up till now. Early age operating system had very less GUI [graphic user interface]. Earlier, the operating system was command based like we use commands in MSDOS to operate work, so it was not easy for the user to operate on this OS. Later windows introduced GUI based OS [operating system] with click and surf technology where user will be provided with icons and graphic to enhance user experience. 1. Windows 1.0 Working on MSDOS was tough for its users as it was command base OS. To over come this problem Microsoft announced its first edition of windows in the year 1983 known as windows1.0. This OS support pointing device like mouse. Using mouse now user can click on various icon and option available on screen, option like dropdown menus, icon, dialog boxes helped user to learn program easily.

MS DOS file management, Paint, Notepad, Calculator, and a Calendar, these features were a part of the introductory Operating System. A game called "Reverse" was also a included in the first edition.

Windows 2.0

This OS was introduced on December 9th 1987, in this OS processing speed and reliability was tremendously improved and from here on computers had started becoming a part of our day to day life. Use of desktop icons and keyboard shortcut help speedup work for its user. Control panel was first introduced in this operating system.

Windows 3.0

This OS was launched on 22th may 1990 this was once the popular version of OS of its time and the reason of its success was its advance graphics with 16 colours, improved icon support, reliability. This edition had 368 bit processor. Program manager, file manager, print manager are the some new features was introduced in this OS. Games like Heart Solitaire and minesweeper was first introduced in this version of windows. 4.

Windows 95

This is one of the most popular version of windows operating system which remain in existence for very long time. This version was launched on 24th august 1995 . This OS had Start button and start menu for very first time this OS had many powerful features that lay the foundation for upcoming windows OS apart from very powerful GUI it was more fast, accurate and reliable. This OS made the foundation for email, fax, modem, and multimedia games. This version of windows allow the auto update since it was compatible with previous version of windows. The upgrade can be done by both floppy and CDROM. This version supports 12 different languages as well Win95 had built-in support for internet, dial-up network. This OS also support plug and play capability for various hardware that made it very easy for its user to install hardware and software

Windows 98

This OS was launched on 25th JUNE 1998 this version of OS designed to meet needs of general consumer it was consumer oriented OS by this time so called computers are becoming PC's computer designed to meet personal and professional need of consumer now by this time computers can be seen more commonly places like café, home work e.tc. The major improvement in this windows version was it was capable of opening and closing function much more quick this version support DVD's .USB [universal serial bus] came into existence in this version of windows. It was the last version to be based on MS-DOS.

Windows ME

This version of OS was launched on 1st September 2000. ME here stands for millennium .This OS had features like internet explorer5.5 ,window media player 7 and movie maker . Movie maker allow user to record video and also help them to edit and redesign it. Although the lifespan of windows ME was very short . This OS was very slow and had lots of bugs that made it unsuitable for rising user needs. This OS was soon replaced by windows NT and later by windows XP 7.

Windows XP

This version of windows was launched on 25th October 2001 it was one of the best selling Operating system in world this version came up with the fresh look and it focuses on usability it had built in help and support centre. This ear of computation suffers from virus attacks and increasing trade on internet also leads to increase practice like hacking. This OS emphasized on help and support which up to certain extent help user to to over come and protect themselves from outer world treat like hacking and viruses.

In addition, Navigation simplicity of the Start menu, taskbar, and Control Panel are more intuitive in this edition of Windows. Windows XP was available in 25 different languages and had several editions like Windows XP 64-bit Edition (2001), Windows XP Media Centre Edition (2002) , Windows XP Tablet PC Edition (2002).

Windows Vista

This OS was launched on 30 January 2007. This OS was more secured and had user account control feature which help its user to protect computers from such software that make changes in functionality without owner knowledge. In vista ultimate it had features like Bit lockers device encryption which provide excellent data security. This OS also had 35 different languages. Fresh new look of start button and many new features like border around window e.tc also first came in existence in this version of windows. Not only the new look this version of OS focus on better file system and faster processing algorithms which aid user in fast and efficient search of required files.

Windows 7

This OS was launched in 22 October 2009 this OS have touch screen compatibility this OS had major improvements over previous windows version it came with fresh new look of overall windows it came up as much efficient OS . This OS also had touch and handwriting recognition popularly known as "touch and type" this help its new generation user to experience touch screen technology where as it continue to serve its old consumer with traditional type experience. This OS also had virtual hard disk feature which is a concept of cloud computing it also have kernel direct access function. Windows7 support multiple heterogeneous graphics cards to meet the need of increased computing experience of different customer. "Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning," said Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder. Windows 7 is available in following editions: • Windows 7 Home Premium • Windows 7 Professional • Windows 7 Ultimate Windows 7 was the only operating system that was evaluated by 8 million tester world wide before it's released.

Windows 8.0

This operating system was launched in October 2012 this version came up with totally new interface the focus of this OS was on touch screen totally new start menu was launched in this version application , files, websites are being attached to this new start menu to provide easy navigation

These are the following edition of Windows8 • Windows 8 • Windows 8 Pro • Windows 8 Enterprise 11.

Windows 8.1

The vision of Windows 8 to provide powerful apps and cloud connectivity let the upgrade to Windows 8.1. Changes in user interface and desktop, online services and functionality, security and hardware compatibility etc. are improvements to name a few. In addition, some very interesting apps were also shipped in Windows8.1, some of them are, Bing Smart Search so you can find what you're looking for across the PC or the web, Bing Food & Drink, Bing Health & Fitness, and great utility apps like Reading List, Calculator, and Alarms. Windows 8.1 Operating System the following editions: • Windows RT 8.1 • Windows 8.1 Edition • Windows 8.1 Pro Edition • Windows 8.1 Enterprise Edition

Windows 10

This version of windows was launched on 29th July 2015. A number of new functions like windows store app, Microsoft edge virtual desktop, action centre, revamped core app, the Xbox app, continuum, unified settings e.tc first made its existence in this edition. Microsoft edge is a new web browser of windows family specially designed for light weight web browsing. Windows10 also have many new version subsequently launched and one of most special feature of windows10 is that if you are a genuine windows10 holder then you can upgrade to new versions for free unlike older days consumer don't have to buy new version every time they wish to upgrade.

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