Now Indian Railway will pay you for your plastic garbage

Indian Railways has installed plastic bottle crushers on stations, if you drop a used bottle in the machine you will receive a cash back

Now Indian Railway will pay you for your plastic garbage

As it is truly said that every step counts towards making a change. Today, the world is concerned about the depleting environment. For this year's World Environment Day, UN came up with a theme 'BEAT THE PLASTIC'. In this direction, plastic bottle crushers are being installed at major places in different cities.

Indian Railways has installed these machines at Vadodara Railway Station in order to minimize the plastic waste generated by the passengers. If you drop a used bottle in the machine and enter your phone number you will receive a cashback of Rs.5 in your e-wallet. Not only this, Indian Railway has taken a step forward towards going eco-friendly by serving the food to the passengers in the disposable plates. On the occasion of World Environment Day, they have launched their trial run in 4 Shatabdi and 4 Rajdhani trains from Delhi.

Mumbai Metro One Pvt. Ltd. was the one who installed such machines in 2017. They encouraged the passengers by offering the 20-25% discount coupons for some selected brands.

Each of these machines costs Rs. 4.5 lakhs and these machines are being installed on the Railway stations of Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune and Ahmedabad. It is really easy to use these machines. Once you drop the plastic bottle in the machine it will be immediately crushed into small pieces. This is another step of Indian railways towards its go-green drive and following the theme of World Environment day, 'BEAT THE PLASTIC'.

Considering the fact that India generates around 56 lakh tonnes of plastic wastes every year and contributing to the 60% of the wastes dumped into the world's ocean annually (according to CPCB), these initiatives are much needed for a better environment to live in.

Municipal Corporation of Lucknow has installed Waste recipient bins in the city

Similarly, Municipal Corporation of Lucknow has installed Waste recipient bins in the city. Pankaj Bhushan, the Environmental engineer told Gaon Connection," These are the ways to encourage the citizens to throw the plastic waste in the machine and enter their respective mobile number. They receive an OTP and a link which they open to avail their cash back. Later, the plastic waste is collected by the municipality and sent for the recycling".

Ever heard of clothes made from PLASTIC

The plastic collected in these machines will be used to make extremely lightweight t-shirts. These breathable t-shirts weigh just 86g. They are highly durable and sweat free. Generally, the clothes are made of polyesters which are a man-made fibre. It takes a lot of water and chemicals to make clothes form polyesters. hence, these plastic clothes prove to be an alternative for saving the environment. Through this, the plastic is recycled in a better way and it also saves water. Alciss Sports, a Delhi based startup promotes such t-shirts.

Be it replacing the plastic bags with paper bags for shopping or using disposable plates instead of plastic plates, everyone is playing their part well in order to do something for a safer and greener environment.

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