Village Women Farmers Using Modern Techniques By Becoming Livelihood Farmer Friend

The female farmers are being taught modern techniques of farming by becoming livelihood farmer friend which gives them more profit in farming than the cost indulged in it.

Divendra SinghDivendra Singh   15 Nov 2018 10:52 AM GMT

Village Women Farmers Using Modern Techniques By Becoming Livelihood Farmer Friend

Ranchi, Jharkhand.The female farmers were doing traditional farming due to lack of knowledge which was not profitable for them. These women farmers are being taught modern techniques of farming by becoming livelihood farmer friend which can give more profit to them in farming than the cost with the help of Livelihood Mission and Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society.

Shanti Devi (26 years), residing in Mukka village, 7kms from Latehar District Headquarter of Jharkhand, is also a Livelihood Farmer Friend.

Profitable Farming

Shanti at her toor dal stall in livelihood fair happily says, "I have been mastered infarming. Earlier we had 4-5quintals of split pigeon peas (toor) in our one acre of farm but now we have 8-9quintals of split pigeon peas by using shri vidhi technique at our farm. We sell it in the market after grading the split pigeon peas which is quite profitable to us."

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Shanti Devi is now a successful female farmer in her area. She herself is doing good farming at low cost on her land. She also teaches the other women of the Panchayat themodern techniques of farming.

There are 4915 Livelihood Farmer Friends in the state, which includes two to three percent of male farmers under Livelihood Mission. Livelihood Farmer Friend was started in 2013. Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion

Society is working with three lacs of farmers of the state. There are 25,000 farmers doing organic farming in the state. The farmers who are connected to the Group and do farming can become Livelihood Farmer Friend.

They are trained for earning more in lesser cost. The training of marketing is also being given to these farmers to double their income by 2022. One farmer friend can train other farmers in his Gram Panchayat.

Shanti Devi: MemberOf Self Help Group from 2014.

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She has been trained as Livelihood Farmer Friend after that. Firstly, she used to sow 8-10kgs of lentils of toor in one acre of land but now she sow 2kgs of toor lentils by shri vidhi in one acre of land.

Shanti Devi put Mysore machine for the grading of toor dal by taking loan from the Group. She gets a good profit out of it. Only the members of Self Help Group can become Livelihood Farmer Friend. Only females get the chance to become livelihood farmer friend, men get the chance in rare cases.

Another Shanti Devi

(23 years) is teaching organic farming to 75 farmers of her village. She resides in Badki Hesal village of Gola block, 37 kms far from Ramgarh District Headquarters. She tells, "We started organic

farming from our farm only. When our potato crops did well, the other farmers from the Group came forward. Fifty female farmers of our village are doing organic farming." She further says, "Now they do not run after the

markets for the compost and insecticides. Now they make it on their own with homely methods. These are small farmers who are making fresh vegetables and grains out of it."

How To Become A Livelihood Farmer Friend

If anyone wants to be Livelihood Farmer Friend, then she has to be a member of Self Help Group. Her minimum qualifications should be till eight class, she herself should be a farmer and should be enthusiastic to teach others the technique of farming. The women who qualifies all these are eligible for Livelihood Farmer Friend with Self Help Group. They will not only be aware of the modern techniques of farming but also will do the

profitable business in lesser cost by becoming Livelihood Farmer Friend.

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