This is how your favourite seviyan are prepared!

Abhishek VermaAbhishek Verma   4 Jun 2019 5:27 AM GMT

This is how your favourite seviyan are prepared!

When we mention seviyan, we automatically think Eid. Both are almost synonymous. Seviyan is the most common festive dessert, which is prepared to celebrate the end of Ramzan.

When you visit your friends to greet them on Eid-ul-Fitr, you are served either of the two -- sheer khurma or Kimami seviyan. If you are lucky, you may get to eat both!

While sheer khurma is nothing but a kheer, Kimami Seviyan, popular in Lucknow, Benares and other parts of the erstwhile Awadh, is a more elaborate preparation. It's dry and is loaded with ghee, dry fruits, eliachi or cardamom.

To know how the main ingredients used to make these delicious desserts -- seviyan -- is made, we went to Aminabad in Lucknow where the market was full of festive fervour and many flavours. Enjoy the procedure!

A worker collecting aata (flour) in a big container

This is how the final product comes out

Here, workers are seen taking seviyan out from the machine

Seviyan are then dried in the sun

Here, a worker is seen drying seviyan

This is how the final product looks like

The final procedure is to deep fry them in a huge pan

They are then kept in different racks before they are finally packaged to be sold in market

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