Uttar Pradesh tops in crimes against women: NCRB report

In 2017, 32,559 rape cases were reported -- in 93.1% cases the culprit was known to the victim

Ranvijay SinghRanvijay Singh   24 Oct 2019 12:06 PM GMT

Uttar Pradesh tops in crimes against women: NCRB report

At around 1.40 in the morning, a car was moving towards Bulandshahar on Jewar-Bulandshahar highway in Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh. Suddenly, something hit the tyre of the speeding car. The driver parked the car and stepped out. Just then six men wearing masks and carrying guns, iron rods, and wooden sticks surround him.

They gang-raped four women – in the age bracket of 20-50 years -- sitting inside the parked car. "When my brother-in-law protested, he was shot dead. They raped me in front of him. When I told them that I have had surgery, they didn't bother to listen," said one of the survivors.

This incident happened on the intertwining night of May 24-25, 2017. Recently, the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) released its data. As per the data, 359,849 cases of crime against women were registered in 2017, which included rape, dowry deaths, abetment of suicide, acid attacks, violence against women, kidnappings and killings.

As per the data, the maximum number of cases have been registered in Uttar Pradesh (56,011), followed by Maharashtra (31,979), West Bengal (30,992), Madhya Pradesh (29,778), Rajasthan (25,993) and Assam (23,082).

Crime against women has seen an increasing trend in the past three years. In 2015, around 3.3 lakh crime cases against women were registered, while in 2016, around 3.4 lakh cases were registered. However, as per the recent data, around 3.6 lakh cases were registered in 2017.

In 2017, 32,559 rape cases were reported -- in 93.1% cases the culprit was known to the victim. With 5,562 cases, Madhya Pradesh tops the list.

Commenting on the data released by the NCRB, Arvind Kumar Jain, ex- DGP of Uttar Pradesh, said instead of releasing the data pertaining to the number of cases registered, the government should release data related to the number of cases in which arrests were made.

"The situation will change only when the police will work on the ground. When we talk about crime records in Uttar Pradesh, we should keep in mind that it is the most populated states in the country. Number of crimes depend on population. Also, in most of the cases, culprits were known to the victims. Being a part of the society, we should be aware of such cases. We should identify these people with criminal bend," said the ex-DGP.

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