Periods As Indicator Of Your Health

by Dr Nina Mansukhani, Consultant Gynaecologist at Touch of Life Clinic, Pune, and Jehangir Hospital, Pune.

Periods As Indicator Of Your Health

Like them or hate them, welcome them or dread them. Periods, menses, chums - whatever you call them, the phenomenon of menstruation, is a part of every woman's reproductive life. Menstruation is the periodic monthly bleeding of the lining of the womb which starts from the time a girl attains puberty till the eventual stopping of this event called menopause. For every woman, the parameters of a 'normal' period may vary, but each one can spot any deviation or anomaly, which in turn may actually help in spotting a bigger problem in the early stages. Empowering women with knowledge regarding their periods is the first step in helping them seek timely medical help rather than considering menses to be a taboo टॉपिक.

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