Teacher's Diary: 'Magic shows on my YouTube channel are a favourite of the tiny tots'

Awadhesh Pandey, the headmaster of the Upper Primary School in Karpiya village in Uttar Pradesh's Barabanki uses his YouTube channel to spread awareness about the importance of education. He also uses magic shows to make it easier for the students to get their concepts cleared.

Awadhesh PandeyAwadhesh Pandey   25 May 2023 2:34 PM GMT

Teachers Diary: Magic shows on my YouTube channel are a favourite of the tiny tots

Despite not being very well acquainted with technology, I launched a YouTube channel in 2021.The motivation to launch the channel was derived from the praises I earned from the teachers as well as students who appreciated my teaching style.

I try my best to make my classes as interesting as practically possible. I often use magic shows, fun activities, and group debates to make my students understand complex concepts. The response to my teaching has been so overwhelmingly positive that I decided to launch a YouTube channel and upload the videos of my teaching styles. The YouTube video became an instant success in the schools far and beyond my Barabanki district.

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I am often called as the 'jaadugar sir' [magician sir] by the students who watch my YouTube videos and it has made me immensely popular in my school. Managing this video channel has also made me knowledgeable about the digital world which I wasn't much aware of earlier. I am learning new things myself and try to incorporate new techniques and styles to make my channel more attractive for students.

Visit his YouTube channel here.

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