The 10 Most Astonishing Villages Of India!

Indian is famous for its diversity. But, these 10 Villages would stun you so much with their unique Identity and traditions that you would want to visit them ASAP.

Vineet BajpaiVineet Bajpai   13 Oct 2018 9:40 AM GMT

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The 10 Most Astonishing Villages Of India!World's 14 Most "Different" Villages

Every Indian village has its unique culture and specialty. We'll take you to India's 14 most interesting villages where you would find everything different from the rest of the world.

1. A Village Where Milk & Yogurt Is For Free!

Here you would get milk and curd for free.

In this village, it is prohibited to sell milk or any other milk by-product. Instead, people would give away milk and it's by-product free to those who don't have cows and buffaloes. Dhokda is an Indian Village of Gujrat. These days where even water is not for free they are distributing free milk. Hats-off!

2. This Village Has "Ram Rajya"

No one locks the door of their houses in this Village.

Would you believe it! You have to. In the southern Indian state of Maharashtra, there is a village called 'Shani Signapur'. Due to an ancient belief, locals don't lock their houses. Not even their shops. No matter how precious thing they possess. Still, this village has never witnessed any theft or robbery.

3. Every One Speakes Ancient language Sanskrit In this Indian Village

This is a southern Indian Village of Karnataka, Called Muttur. Its unique Identity is its language. Everyone talks in Sanskrit in this village. Sanskrit is believed to be thousands of years old ancient Indian language.

4. The Richest Village

This UP Village is so rich that you would envy it. Salarpur Khalsa Village of Aroha region earns a billion every year. By Agriculture. Village population- 3500 only. They made this happen by growing tomatoes. Wow!

5. The Village Of Twins

Kondihni Village of Kerala is called Twins Village. As many as 350 twins still live here. Newborn to age 65. The world average is 4 twins per 1000 births. In Asia, its even lowers than 4. But you would be surprised to know that in kondihini, 45 twins are born for every 1000 births. It's a small village of 2000 natives. Here you would find twins everywhere.

6. God's Own Garden

Do you know which Village is Asia's cleanest village? It's in the northeastern Indian state of Meghalaya. Mavlyanaag Village is so clean and beautiful that it is called God's own garden. This is also one the most educated village in India. With a 100% literacy rate.

7. Abandoned For 170 Years Because Of A Curse

Kuldhara Village of Rajasthan is abandoned for the last 170 years. It is believed that thousands of residents moved out overnight. This village is believed to be cursed. But, tourist love to come here to feel that fear in the air.

8. You Can't Touch Anything In This Village

In the village of Malana, of Kullu region of Northen State of Himachal Pradesh, you'll be fined for touching anything. You can call it the most mysterious Indian village. Locals believe that they are descendants of the great Alexander's army. This village has its own law. You'll have to pay a fine of 1000-2500 Rs if you dare to touch anything just in case.

9. The Village is Called "Mini London"

This is an Anglo-Indian village of Jharkhand. It's a North-western state of India. This Village of Mccluskieganj is located around 65 km away from the capital of Jharkhand Ranchi. This is also known as Mini London. This is surrounded by a dense forest between the tribal villages. It was established in the year 1993 by the colonization society of India. This has 356 Anglo-Indian bungalow.

10. This Village Is Famous For Its Water-Tanks

Uppalan Village of Punjab is so fond of making unique water tanks on their roofs. You would be amazed to find water- tanks made in the shape of a water ship, Air-plane, horses, roses, motor car and what not. This village has a huge expat population and a unique water-tank is a status symbol.

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