Here Is How You Can Save Your Heart

Few things to keep in mind for having healthy heart

Here Is How You Can Save Your Heart

According to World health organisation Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) take the lives of 17.9 million people every year, 31% of all global deaths. Triggering these diseases – which manifest primarily as heart attacks and strokes – are tobacco use, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and the harmful use of alcohol. These, in turn, show up in people as raised blood pressure, elevated blood glucose and overweight and obesity, risks detrimental to good heart health.

In India, when it comes to heart-related problems, Urban men are three times more at risk than the rural men. Whereas, women are more prone to heart diseases after menopause.

Four points to remember to take care of your heart: -

Never Ignore Chest Pain

You should not ignore, If you feel pain in your chest and you are not able to walk, or your chest pain flows towards shoulders and neck. 25% people die in the first attack before reaching to the hospital. There is no mild or hard heart attack. Every attack should be taken seriously.

Emotional Connection with Heart

Emotions have a deep correlation with heart. At times, people die after the death of their loved ones. Acute stress may become a reason for heart attack and people die suddenly. You should try to meditate every day for one hour to be able to manage stress.

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Take proper sleep

Sleeping is essential for a healthy body. Nowadays, people use mobile till late at night. They keep themselves busy at the time of sleeping and often they go to office without sleeping at night. This pattern increases the risks of heart disease. A good 7-8 hour sleep is very important to live a healthy life. You should avoid TV or mobile in your bedroom.

Five Things To Remember

1) Try to control weight, exercise and improve your food habits.

2) Control your diabetes.

3) Control your blood pressure.

4) Control oil intake.

5) 5) Never take cigarette or tobacco at any cost.

(This article is based on the conversation of Goan Connection Reporter Deepanshu and King George Medical University's(Lucknow, UP, India) HOD Heart Disease, Professor, V.S Narayan.)

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