Teacher's Diary: 'Comment section on my YouTube channel has become an interactive space for teachers & students'

Rakesh Vishwakarma launched his YouTube channel merely as an act of uploading some educational videos for students studying across the Rampur district in Uttar Pradesh. However, much to his surprise, the channel has become an interactive medium for teachers, students and parents where they discuss their queries and contribute to the discourse on the comment section.

Rakesh VishwakarmaRakesh Vishwakarma   24 May 2023 2:34 PM GMT

Teachers Diary: Comment section on my YouTube channel has become an interactive space for teachers & students

I am primary school teacher in the Modern Composite School in Uttar Pradesh's Rampur district. I had launched my YouTube channel to explore the opportunities which the digital realm provides. It was sheer curiosity which drove me to do so and I had no experience of using a video streaming platform to amplify my teaching style for a much larger audience.

However, when teachers, students, and some of the parents began commenting on my videos, it occurred to me that the channel could also become a digital space for people to interact. I instantly got hooked to it and began enjoying the entire process. I would upload videos about teaching techniques and invite fellow teachers to present their feedback. Now, this feedback was visible to all as it was in the form of a comment in the public space in the digital world. It also inspired other viewers to express themselves.

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Today, the entire discussion on the comment section of my videos is so interesting that I have switched on the notifications on my phone to instantly take stock of a comment on my videos. I enjoy it. It feels like I am moderating a healthy discussion on education and social themes. It has empowered me to learn new things about how to make better videos and help children in understanding their lessons easily.

You can visit my YouTube channel here.

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