Teacher's Diary: 'My YouTube channel has increased the transparency of classroom teaching'

Anjali Tomar's videos on YouTube demonstrate innovative teaching techniques and she primarily focuses on live streaming and recording the classroom sessions.

Anjali TomarAnjali Tomar   23 May 2023 1:43 PM GMT

Teachers Diary: My YouTube channel has increased the transparency of classroom teaching

The times are changing really fast. The realm of primary education has radically changed especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Technology has become an unavoidable aspect of education and these factors motivated me to launch my own YouTube channel and use it to spread awareness about education and make my classroom activities open to fellow teachers, students as well as their parents. I am presently posted as an assistant teacher in a primary school at the Alawalpur village in Uttar Pradesh's Ballia district.

My YouTube channel primarily focuses on livestreaming my classroom activities with an aim to motivate other teachers and share my experiences and experiments in dealing with the tiny tots. Also, my students who sometimes aren't able to come to school for a variety of reasons are now able to learn or revise their lessons from home by watching videos on my YouTube channel.

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The response to my channel has been an overwhelming experience. I had launched the channel two years ago and almost every government school teacher now knows me by my name. I did not expect to become so popular in such a short span of time.

I was making videos of my classroom teaching way before creating my channel on YouTube but the storing such a heavy storage data on my phone was a big challenge. So, I decided to upload these videos on the streaming platform. This is how the channel was incepted.

Visit her YouTube channel here.

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