Uttar Pradesh election results: Massive celebrations at BJP office in Lucknow as ruling party set to return to power

Counting of votes for the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections is underway and initial trends show that the ruling BJP is leading on 248 out of 399 seats that have been counted at 12:00 pm. If the party wins this election, it will be for the first time in 37 years that a ruling party will return to power in the state. More details here.

Uttar Pradesh election results: Massive celebrations at BJP office in Lucknow as ruling party set to return to power

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The BJP is on course to form the government in Uttar Pradesh as it is leading on a total of 187 seats and has won 64 seats so far. Addressing a festive gathering of party workers in Lucknow, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that the people in Uttar Pradesh have rejected the misleading propaganda of the opposition parties.

"The people have rejected the misleading propaganda and made BJP victorious," he said.

"Everyone had their eyes on UP, given the vastness of the state. I am thankful to the people for making us win with majority. Under PM Modi's leadership, we will be forming governments in UP, Goa, Manipur, and Uttarakhand," the Chief Minister added.

At 06:00 pm, former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav-led Samajwadi Party was leading in 96 seats (having won 19), Congress was leading in one seat and bagged another while Bahujan Samaj Party hasn't won any seat yet but is leading on one. If these trends continue, there's a strong possibility that BJP will return to power in the state — a feat no political party has achieved in Uttar Pradesh since 1985.

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BJP leader and Member of Parliament from Mathura Hema Malini told the press that it was obvious for BJP to win the elections in Uttar Pradesh. "We already knew our government will form...nothing can come in front of a bulldozer, as it can finish everything within a minute, be it cycle or anything else," she was quoted

Samajwadi Party calls for restraint

Meanwhile, underlining that the leading candidates may not necessarily win the the seats by the end of the day, Samajwadi Party has appealed its workers to remain alert as the counting is still underway.

"The party workers should not let their guard down as counting is still underway in 60 per cent of the votes are yet to be counted and almost 100 seats are having a neck and neck fight as the difference between the leading and the trailing candidate is around 500 votes," the official Twitter handle of the party stated.

BJP workers celebrating on a bulldozer at the party office in Lucknow. Photo by Abhishek Verma

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