Teacher's Diary: 'My YouTube channel inspires my students to do well in classroom'

Rakhi Agarwal, an assistant teacher has devised a new way to keep her third-graders engaged and motivated to perform better in the class. She is teaches at the Janaita's Composite School in Uttar Pradesh's Sambhal district.

Rakhi AgarwalRakhi Agarwal   26 May 2023 2:18 PM GMT

Teachers Diary: My YouTube channel inspires my students to do well in classroom

I teach students of class third. I have realised that healthy competition is an effective measure to make students try harder and perform better in their studies. I have created a YouTube channel and it helps me in documenting my classroom activities and teaching methods. I have announced in my class that whoever does the best activity, I will record their video and upload it on my YouTube channel.

To my amazement, this has inspired the students to do better.

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The children are so keen that they check with me everyday about the comments, likes and subscribers of our YouTube channel. In the process, they also get up-to-date with education-related developments.

It feels really good to see that the humble initiative of launching a YouTube channel is now encouraging so many tiny tots to develop a passion for studying. These days, students have access to their parent's mobile phones, they use it anyway. I think if they are going to use phones, be it for their good rather than wasting time on social media or playing games.

Visit her YouTube channel here.

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