Every part of plants has medicinal purpose

Based on the wisdom of people dwelling in the remote rural areas, given here are the medicinal benefits of the often-discarded parts of fruits and vegetables that are bound to surprise the reader

Deepak AcharyaDeepak Acharya   4 Oct 2019 12:10 PM GMT

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Every part of plants has medicinal purpose

Each part of a plant has its own medicinal benefit although most of us may not be aware of it. Due to lack of information, we often discard most of the parts of plants as useless.

Each time when we eat a banana, its peel is straightaway shown the trashcan. Similar is the fate of peels of other fruits such as orange, pomegranate and watermelon. If we consider vegetables like gourds or potatoes, their peels are similarly discarded. But based on the wisdom of people dwelling in the remote rural areas, given here are the medicinal benefits of the often-discarded parts of fruits and vegetables that are bound to surprise the reader.

Pumpkin or squash

Who doesn't know a pumpkin or squash? In every Indian kitchen it is cooked prepared and appreciated as an important and delicious vegetable. When cooking pumpkin, its seeds are often taken out and discarded.

The importance of pumpkin seeds lies in the nutritive components and chemicals which are in many ways effective in bettering of our health. Modern science also actively advocates the medicinal benefits of pumpkin seeds. Research based on the nutritional elements of pumpkins shows that a cup of pumpkin seeds normally supplies a day's requirement (Daily Value-DV) of 44% zinc, copper 22%, magnesium 42%, manganese 16%, potassium 17% and iron elements 17%. It is believed that pumpkin seed can easily be the best cure for anemia.

As per a clinical report published in the popular science journal Phytotherapy Research, a few women who were given 2 ml of pumpkin seed oil for up to 12 weeks, showed marked improvements in post menstrual health issues such as elevated blood pressure, increase in HDL cholesterol, hormonal inadequacy etc. Besides this, pumpkin seed oil has also been shown very effective in heart ailments and bleeding disorders associated with menopause.


It is believed that just eating one orange can fulfill a day's requirement of Vitamin C for human body. Orange abounds in fiber, vitamin A, B, amino acids, beta carotene, potassium, folic acid and other important nutrients.

Oranges are considered vital for good health, but few know of the numerous medicinal uses of their peels. Before throwing away these peels it is important to know about their unique attributes.

Keep orange peels inside foul-smelling shoes, overnight and discard the peels in the morning, the shoes would begin to smell fresh. Similarly, orange peels are also effective in alleviating foul smell of feet.

Boil fresh or dried orange peel in 2 litres water and immerse feet in the liquid when lukewarm. Take feet out after 2-4 minutes and dry with a clean towel. Repeating this process 2-3 times a week will rid feet completely of foul smell.

One more thing, no commercial cream would make your colour any fairer, but using this indigenous formula one can surely have a glowing skin.

Dry orange peels and when completely dried have it pounded to a fine powder. Mix three spoonful of this powder very well with three spoon of curds. Apply it all over the face and wait for it to dry. After 15-20 minutes or when the paste has dried, remove it from the face by gently rubbing with the palms, there after splashing the face with clean water.

Pat dry with a clean towel and apply bit of moisturizer. Do it daily before bath for 15 days and watch the effect of the traditional knowledge take place although not before chucking off that poisonous chemical-based cream into the trash can.

Lime and sweet lime

Besides orange, citrus fruits like lime and sweet lime's peel also has been used in different unique ways by the forest dwelling tribes. Peels of these citrus fruits are boiled in water along with 3-4 cloves and little bit of cinnamon. When the mixture comes to a boil, it should be carefully taken around the house. Its odour is potent enough to kill 12 types of microbes and acts as a terrific room freshener.


Do not throw pomegranate peels away. Instead chop them finely and process them into a fine paste in a grinder. After sometime put this mixture in the mouth, rinse a while and spit it. Repeating this twice or thrice daily provides relief from infections. This formula is particularly effective in bleeding gums. Streptococcus mitis and streptococcus sanguis bacteria are responsible for gingivitis and other oral diseases whereas pomegranate peels are very useful in curtailing their growth.


Potato peels are really wonderful. Popular all over the world, potato is a tuber used in almost every household, but unfortunately its peels are dumped. One will be surprised to know about its medicinal benefits.

It is amazing that most of the vital nutrients in a potato are present in its peel. If suffering from under-eye bags or facial pigmentation or acne, simply do nothing but place the inside of a potato peel over the face and pressing gently, start rubbing. Within 15 days the change will be evident. One can even grind peels to a pulp and applying it over the face with some cotton, can improve facial tone. Be sure however to rinse off the peel residue very well with clear water.

Spong gourd torai

As per the forest dwellers of Patalkot, chop sponge gourd peels into fine pieces. Dry the pieces in shade and mix dry peels with coconut oil. Keep the mixture for five days and heat it thereafter. Sieve the oil and apply daily as hair oil or massage the scalp to make hair black.


Banana peel inhibits the growth of prostate gland. Prostate gland increases its shape due to testosterone and researches show that banana peel doesn't allow testosterone activation. As per forest dwelling herbal experts, peels of clean banana are washed well and dried and ground thereafter. Half a spoon of the powder so obtained when taken twice daily is helpful against prostate gland enlargement. The inside of a banana peel when rubbed over the facial acne before bed each night, provides fast positive results.


Tribals of Gujarat burn the watermelon peel to prepare its ashes which they apply on mouth sores. Taking the inside of the watermelon peel, they make a sweet preserve 'murabba' which is believed to be extremely energizing. Few people chop the peel finely and dry it to make a powder. It is believed that a half spoon of this powder when taken on an empty stomach energizes the body and provides great relief in several ailments. It can be said that it is totally effective for the physical well-being.

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