Differently-abled teacher commutes arduously for 14 kms daily upon a mule to his school

For the past 15 years, Dindauri's Ludwa village has its differently-abled teacher Ratanlal Nanda commutes upon a mule to the school. He takes over two hours to cover a distance of seven kms

Sachin Dhar DubeySachin Dhar Dubey   23 Sep 2019 11:06 AM GMT

Differently-abled teacher commutes arduously for 14 kms daily upon a mule to his school

"The distance between my home and school is 14 kms. It was pretty difficult for me to travel this far daily. In absence of a proper road and other resources, 15 years ago I decided to take the help of a mule. Since then, every single day, I commute with it," said Ratanlal Nanda.

Ratanlal Nanda is posted as a teacher in Dindauri district's Sanjhaula village. He suffers from a congenital defect of feet. So, it is by the sheer willpower he daily travels an arduous route of seven kms from home to school.

During a talk with Gaon Connection Ratanlal informed that to cover the distance of 14 kms he takes a minimum of four hours. He said: "Each morning, I set out for the school at 9 AM and I reach school by 11 AM. I teach from 11 AM to 4 PM and thereafter leave for home. By the time I reach home, it turns six in the evening. Due to my disability I can't even ride a two-wheeler."

Ratanlal added that even the road is not suitable for a two-wheeler. He faces lot of difficulties during travelling with a mule — uneven terrain interspersed with streams and fords to cross.

"Despite such terrible setback, we hardly ever find sir not coming to teach," Ratanlal's school student, Kedar, said. A villager, Dukhu Singh, said: "Many a times, the mule gives up during the journey, but Ratanlal, till this date, is steadfast. All of us have entreated the politicians and government officials, but still the village doesn't have a proper road."

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When the District Education Officer Ravendra Mishra was contacted, he said: "Ratanlal is the pride of the education department and an inspiration for the region. He is a teacher of primary school at Sanjhaula and has been coming to the school on a mule for several years now. We have decided to felicitate him this Independence Day."

The school in which Ratanlal teaches is in a sorry state. The roof leaks and may cave in any time. When inquired about this, Ravendra Mishra informed, "As a temporary measure, old school roof has been covered with a plaster. At the same time, a new school building is being made near the old. The building fund has already been sanctioned. Very soon, classes will begin in the new building."

Gaon Connection tried many times talking to the DM of Dindauri district regarding the poor state of road and school but could not speak with him.

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