Teacher's Diary: 'Using fashion shows and patriotic programmes to boost students' confidence'

A teacher from Uttar Pradesh's Farrukhabad district shares that cocurricular activities are helping students in the village develop self-confidence.

Akanksha AgnihotriAkanksha Agnihotri   29 March 2023 2:25 PM GMT

Teachers Diary: Using fashion shows and patriotic programmes to boost students confidence

I am a government school teacher at the primary school in the Rajepur village of Uttar Pradesh's Farrukhabad district. Earlier, I used to teach at a private school in my native Kanpur district. The demise of my father in my childhood meant that the responsibility to ensure my younger siblings' education fell on my shoulders. My only hope in life was to get appointed as a teacher in a government school as such a job would have provided me with the much needed stability in life.

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My resolve was successful within a few years and today I am proud of my job. Here in Farrukhabad, I am tasked with enhancing the quality of education in the primary school and bring it at par with private and convent schools in the district. To achieve my goal, I have introduced interesting measures that ensure students' participation and attendance at school.

The focus on co-curricular activities has improved the students' academic performance. On national festivals such as Independence Day and Republic Day, I make my students rehearse their performances which not only boosts their self confidence but villagers feel positive about their children's future upon witnessing their performances.

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I also organised a fashion show in the school which was themed on 'No Use Plastic' and students happily performed in dresses made of biodegradable material like dried leaves and paper.

I also launched a campaign named Khushiyon Ka Pitaara which appealed the public to contribute towards funding for the stationery and other necessities of the underprivileged children. Today, many volunteers from far off cities are contributing for the students' cause.

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