Teacher's Diary: 'The punishment to leave his class was the harshest punishment for the students'

A rural reporter recalls his experiences of being a student in a teacher's tuition class. He recalls that the harshest punishment or reprimand for him and his fellow classmates was the expulsion from the teacher's class. Such was the affection between the teacher and his students.

Ramji MishraRamji Mishra   18 March 2023 2:02 PM GMT

Teachers Diary: The punishment to leave his class was the harshest punishment for the students

Some teachers are so special that the sheer thought of not being able to attend their class is traumatic. Siyaram Mishra was one such teacher who used to teach me during my tutions. He was born in 1937 in the Brahmavali village which is situated in Uttar Pradesh's Sitapur district.

Whenever I saw him, he was teaching. Be it at the school or after the school. He barely gave any time to himself as teaching was his biggest passion. He was also famous for his oratory skills and was always perceived as a leader in the village. Although he was an affectionate teacher, he valued discipline more than anything in life. He went out of his way to inculcate discipline in his students

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His most severe punishment was to ask the students to never ever come to his class again. I remember several instances that whenever he asked a child to leave his class, the child came weeping the very next day with a genuine apology and a strong sense of guilt in his conscience. The teacher readily accepted the apology if he was convinced of the child's act of seeking forgiveness.

All my friends who studied in his classes grew up to become men and women of impeccable integrity. Siyaram sir breathed his last on November 16, 2018 and his memory is enough for us to stick to the path of righteousness in life.

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